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Nov 21, 2019

Col and Dr. Sharma, scientist and Co-CEO of Kazmira, talked about the lack of women entering the Cannabis and CBD space on the STEM side. We learned about the <0.3 % THC…the beauty of speaking with a scientist in the CBD / THC world, we were actually able to ask for some scientific clarifications. Like, when a 1oz tincture bottle of CBD has 0.3% THC…the legally allowed THC percentage in industrial hemp derived CBD. We really wanted to know how much THC is actually in that bottle?! Like what does 0.3% THC compute to? How many Milligrams of THC per Tink (Per one Milliliter tincture dropper) and per one full 30 Milliliter (1 Fluid Ounce) bottle. What she said may surprise you! We talk about dumb CBD products that are coming to market that may make the industry look foolish. We got a Weed Man Van story from Comedian Jackie Eco. We took a trip to the CBD Source Vape Lounge to ask Anthony what the status is on the NY and Federal vape flavor bans, and we made an announcement about something big coming up in December…Vegas Baby!