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Dec 5, 2019

We talk with Stephanie Lynch, of No Bad Looks. She’s an Aesthetician in the conservative State of Texas, who made news as she shifted her focus to include CBD Infused Spray Tanning in people’s homes - this is back when people were getting arrested in Texas airports for having CBD on them. We learn about CBD and skin care, and what got Stephanie into incorporating CBD into her business, No Bad Looks, which she founded in April, 2019. We are giving away two CBD beauty products, listen to find out how to win. Cannabidiet Chef Ryan joined us to talk about his most recent spider related injury, and his new house…which it turns out…might still be occupied by a previous tenant. CBD Ghost Hunting maybe?! Our resident Vape Expert Anthony recovered from his flu, and returned to tell us his Thanksgiving story, as well as all the new CBD Beauty products by KushQueen, which we now carry at our 55+ CBD Source Locations in New York and PA.