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Mar 21, 2020

This is the first part of a conversation with Cannabinoid “Mad Scientist” Cancer Survivor ~ Cannabis Activist, and founder of the Global Cannabinoid Research Center, Mike Robinson.
He is back on the show, calling in from a doctor ordered quarantine. He is the first person we have spoken with who has Corona Virus, and he explains in detail how he is trying to combat it with several different cannabis delivery methods, and cannabinoids.
Mike was a race car driver before his career literally hit a wall at 181.2 mph. Throwing him into a coma, and later a wheelchair and permanent disability. Throughout his life he was diagnosed with non ambulatory chronic Lyme Disease, severe neuropathy, severe brain Injury, severe refractory epilepsy, right eye blindness, and several forms of cancer.
He got extremely dependent on the opioids he was prescribed to deal with his injuries, and eventually (through a very serendipitous circumstance) was introduced to CBD in 2013. Now he is living life in an ALMOST FULL RECOVERY, which he attributes to his use of Cannabis concentrates (THC/CBD) and whole plant. The story of him meeting his fiancé through his Cannabis Compassion program was recently written about in High Times Magazine.
If you have fallen in love with Mike, and you want to hear more of his vast Cannabis Wisdom you can also listen to CBDSP episodes 36, and 18, or check out his blog: