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Apr 4, 2020

It’s our milestone 50th episode, and today’s guest is a former Manhattan Creative Director who's life changed drastically after a Girls trip to Florida, that sent her on a CBD journey she had never imagined. A brain injury that rocked her world, sent her looking for answers, and it came in the form of a CBD Tea Bag. Half a decade later she has her own CBD brand, Indigo and Haze, and is the Editor in Chief of Women and Weed magazine, and has recently published the hardcover book by the same name.
We talk about her life changing event, how her life has evolved since then, and how CBD appeals in three main ways, to women of all age groups. We talk about the book houses made of Hempcrete, and other uses the world could have for hemp. Could hemp plastic straws that biodegrade replace plastic straws for once and for all? Is hemp the missing third element in the Triforce of the Green New Deal?