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Apr 11, 2020

In this episode we pay tribute to the life and passing of Charlotte Figi, who died this week at just 13 (October 18, 2006 - April, 8, 2020). The little girl with Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy, who was the living poster child of the CBD revolution.
She had her first seizure at 3 months old, and by the time she was five, she was having upwards of 300 seizures a week. When everything else doctors had tried failed, her parent’s gave her a CBD rich low THC strain of Cannabis, then known as “Hippie’s Disappointment” because the THC was too low to produce psychoactive effects.
From 300 seizures a week, she went down to one seizure a week, and then to ONE SEIZURE A MONTH! The strain, created by the Stanley Brothers was renamed “Charlotte’s Web” in her honor and she became the spark that lit the candle, that became the flame, that grew an industry, which has saved or enhanced countless lives, and made the world a better place. One person who was influenced by Charlotte was Nutrition Expert and Best Selling Author of The Sugar Detox, Brooke Alpert. She discovered CBD though Charlotte’s story in trying to treat her husband, which set her career onto an entirely new track. You can see her regularly making appearances on The Doctor Oz Show, The Today Show, and Access Hollywood, and she is the founder of B Nutritious, and Daily Habit CBD.